Friday, October 08, 2004


Assistant Bloggers File Suit in Federal Court

Santa Fe, NM (AP)--Bill Kaul and Doug Robinson, assistant bloggers for the notorious Mullah Billdoug blog, filed a class action suit in federal court here today, charging their employer, the Mullah Billdoug, with overtime violations and inhumane labor practices.

"The Mullah was pressuring us to work 15-hour days," Bill Kaul explained tearfully at a downtown press conference today. "And he never paid us a dime in overtime, either, despite record profits for the blog."

"He made us work through lunchtime," Doug Robinson added. "And required that we die and go to heaven."

"He turned me into a cloud," Dr. Kaul said. "But I got better."

It is truly a horrendous tale the two tell, of eschatological espionage, divine weather, and ribs. Both were recently repatriated from heaven, admittedly by their employer, but without compensation for time away from their families or medical benefits.

"While I was a cloud," Dr. Kaul explained, "I had a severe gastrointestinal disorder. Was I given proper medical treatment? No I was not. Were my medical costs covered? Not a green cent."

"Worst of all," Dr. Robinson told reporters, "is that Bill and I are recovering academics. Both of us have reading and writing addictions, which Mullah Billdoug ruthlessly exploited for his own profit."

The Mullah himself, who himself has reportedly checked into a detox center run by Blogoholics Anonymous, was unavailable for comment.

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