Friday, October 01, 2004


Mmmmmmmmm ...

I think our boys did pretty well, Zeus says, clicking off the TV and adjusting his covers. Don't you?

Mmmmmmmmm, Hera hums.

You could hardly see the bolt through Kerry's neck, Zeus says, picking up his copy of Plan of Attack. And Hephaistos worked miracles with the Bush clone. Hardly a moment's malfunction. I think that boy's bucking for a promotion. What do you think?

Mmmmmmmmm, Hera smiles.

I'm just worried about the next debate, Zeus says. You wanna watch Fahrenheit 9/11 again? You aren't sleepy yet, are you?

Mmmmmmmmm, Hera sighs.

I wish you wouldn't use that thing while I'm here in bed with you, Zeus grumbles. You know I can hear every little squeal for help that Rove creature emits from in there. It's got my ulcer acting up, if you want to know the truth. I can feel acid flushing through my system.

Mmmmmmmmm, Hera moans.

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