Monday, January 24, 2005


Dear Mullah Billdoug

Well, I see you leftists are at it again, smearing good patriotic Americans like Alberto Gonzales for protecting America, because, of course, you hate America and don't want her protected. You'd love for al Qaeda to crash a plane into the White House, wouldn't you? Or into the Fox News studio building?

I have a sense of humor. I can laugh at myself same as anybody. I laughed when I read your little spoof of my troubles with that scheming evil witch Andrea Makris, may she burn in hell, the little cocktease. I thought it was funny, ha ha, when you killed me, twice--once by Karl Rove in dildo form, again by Abraham Lincoln.

But I can't stand by idly while you slime a great Hispanic-American patriot like Alberto Gonzales. Sometimes I'm amazed at the racism on the left: you just can't stand the fact that our great President is so open-hearted and appoints African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans to positions of responsibility, can you? You have to drag down the great minority voices in the current administration, Colin Powell for supposedly "lying" to the UN about WMDs in Iraq, Condoleezza Rice for supposedly stonewalling the 9/11 Commission, and now poor Mr. Gonzales, who only wanted to protect the country he loves so much, El Norte.

The most amazing thing of all, though, is that you leftists seem to think that the Geneva Conventions apply to terrorists! You seem to think that we are obliged to extend the same democratic rights to unprincipled people who attack us as we do to our own upright citizens who don't break the law! Why, if you had your way, America would be extending the same democratic rights to everybody--even the trouble-makers in Iraq, who perversely, stubbornly, keep refusing to accept the democratic system we've been trying to demonstrate to them over the last year and a half. It almost seems as if you were trying to set up a system whereby people were somehow automatically entitled to democratic rights, instead of having to earn them through their law-abiding behavior!

Look, if you hate America so much that you need to smear the people who are protecting her from foreign aggression, maybe you need to move to Iraq, where the people have no such protection against foreign aggression, and as a result live, I mean lived, in terror. Maybe then you'd be happy, hmm?

Bill O'Reilly

PS It's typical left-wing gullibility to accept as gospel truth whatever baseless slanders and vicious smears al-Jazeera sees fit to publish, and actually believe that Guantanamo Bay detainees have converted American guards to Islam. You people will believe anything!

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