Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Diebold Movies Out in Three-DVD Box Set

Can't think of a Christmas present to get that mantid in your life who has everything? Check out the three-DVD box set of the action-packed Diebold movies, just released in time for Christmas purchase.


Iraqi terrorists have taken the American Presidential Election hostage, and are declaring John Kerry the new President of the United States, knowing that he is soft on terrorism and will pull American troops out of Iraq. Bruce Willis plays NYPD cop John McClane, who must somehow hack into the electronic voting machines in Cleveland, Ohio, and swing the election for George W. Bush.


Crazed American liberal terrorists, bent on turning the United States into a democracy where even blacks, gays, and feminists have full citizenship rights, seize control of the University of California, where they impose a radical PC regime on all classroom teaching. NYPD cop John McClane, again brilliantly played by Bruce Willis, must work together with Sunni fundamentalist activist Osama bin Laden to kill all the liberals and restore America to the fundamentalist theocracy the Founding Fathers intended.

Diebold With a Vengeance

Bruce Willis (as NYPD cop John McClane) teams up with Bush Administration mastermind Karl Rove to thwart an evil liberal scheme to steal rich corporations' tax cuts from a repository under Wall Street and give them to the poor. Hilarity ensues as McClane, a seedy, dirty, unshaven, hard-drinking, foul-mouthed cop, and Rove, a pink, puffy, bespectacled, out-of-shape genius, try to get along in time to save the rich corporations' money.

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