Friday, October 22, 2004


Vote Blattodea

"Mayor White," Elaine says, "I thought you ought to see what some woman brought in this morning."

"Let's have a look, there, Elaine," the mayor says, taking the glossy photoprint from her hand.

I am Blattodea. I am Megaloblatta Longipennis of the Great Wings. I am Macropanesthia Rhinocerus of the Massive Torso. I am She of the Oothecal Eggs. I am She of the Filiform Antennae. I am She whose mouth points backwards between the Fore Coxa. I am the Hemimetabolous One, the Parthenogenetic One. I am Lucifaga, the Light-Fleer. I am Brotaetare, the Bread-Eater. I am La Cucaracha, que no puede caminar. I am the Bombay Canary. I am the Croton Bug. I am Polyphagida. I am Blaberida. I am Epilamprida. I am Gromphadorhina Portentosa.

Vote Blattodea in '04. Together we can make a difference.

"Yeah," Mayor White says, "the police commissioner has shown me a few of these already. Where'd the woman say she found it, Second Ward? Third?"

"No, Mr. Mayor. On a silver tray in some mansion out in River Oaks."

"Wow," the mayor whistles. "Looks like someone's giving Yahweh a run for his money. Just between you, me, and the compost heap, it's about friggin time."

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