Thursday, November 11, 2004



I’m NOT Jesus, you stupid assholes! I’m Satan. Look, just let me get this fucking suit off and I’ll show you!

Hit him with the denialozine again, Ahmed.

You sure this stuff works? He’s still putting up a fight.

All the deities and spirits have a tolerance to it. Don’t worry. Just up the dose.

No! Don’t shoot any more of that stuff into m—

He’s out.

Man, he took a lot.

Arafat told us it would take a lot. He says all the deities have a weird reaction to it. Instead of increasing their levels of denial, it makes them fall asleep and dream of things they don’t have to deny because they’re infallible.

You think this guy’s really Jesus? He kept claiming he’s Satan. He’s still muttering something. I can’t make it out. Sounds like “hell to pay.”

Look at him. Of course it’s Jesus.

I don’t know. He looks, well, bigger somehow. More manly.

Don’t worry about it, Ahmed. When we get to our insurgent hideout, Arafat will sort it all out. He has the Holy Prepuce.

A-ha. That’s why he had to die. The only way to get it.

Right. How much longer till we get there, al-Nasiya?

Ten minutes.

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