Monday, October 25, 2004


The President Goes for a Swim

An hour later Kerry can't find the president anywhere. None of the Secret Service suits know, or they aren't saying, or they don't speak human. And Kerry can't understand their electric organ discharges.

Finally he tries the bedroom. There is no guard outside the door--Bessie doesn't count. She looks a bit lost herself, munching on the carpet forlornly.

Kerry lets himself in.

Behind the observation glass, the water is murky, but he can see two whitish shapes floating around. The underbellies of the tunas? He squints into the murk for a few minutes, but sees nothing that makes any sense to him. He is about to give up when the forms come up to the glass, see him, wave gaily, and swim back into the gloom.

He has found Lincoln. The president is cavorting in the nude with Cher, whom Kerry recognizes instantly, despite the mask on her face. He and Teresa are big fans.

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