Sunday, October 10, 2004



Have you, Mullah Billdoug, ever taken denialozine, in any form whatsoever?

No I have not.

Have any of your friends ever taken denialozine?

Not to my knowledge, no.

Have you ever discussed denialozine use with a licensed physician?

No. I wouldn’t know how to ask about it.

Have you ever shopped for denialozine at a pharmacy, or on the Web?

No, I have not.

Are you aware that you could be on denialozine right now, and the drug would make you deny it?

I was not aware of that, no.

Now that you know that, would you like to change any of your answers?

Definitely not.

Have you been asked whether you would be willing to take a lie-detector test regarding denialozine use?


Would you refuse to take one?

No, of course not.

Were you aware that denialozine use has been shown to be efficacious in “beating” the polygraph machine?

No, I didn’t know that.

Knowing that, if you were given a polygraph test right now regarding denialozine use, would you be inclined to take some denialozine in order to “beat” it?

Absolutely not.

Can you think of any harmful side effects to denialozine use?

No, sorry, I can’t.

Do you know why denialozine abuse is against the law?

I have no idea.

You're a clever one, aren't you.

No, not at all.

You think you can fool me, don't you?

Never occurred to me.

You think, he's just a shrink, I'm a Sufi mullah, I can tell him anything I want and he'll believe me.


You think shrinks are the lowest of the low.

Certainly not.

Okay, then. Name a profession that's lower than shrinks.

I don't think along those lines at all, sorry. High or low.

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