Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Blogshit Covers Campus; Custodial Staff Resigns

Sufi U will be closed indefinitely while new custodial staff are hired and the campus is scrubbed. Upon opening the campus today at 6 a.m., the custodial staff found that the virtual bathrooms had overflowed during the night and that the entire campus was buried under ten feet of blogshit.

Blogshit, as you probably know, is what comes out the ass-sphincters of blogs--the undigested bits of verbiage and semantic content that the blogosphere has no nutritional use for. Normally, blogshit is firm and packed and relatively easy to dispose of with one virtual flush and wipe.

This particular huge backup of extremely viscous and sticky blogshit is being blamed on student pranksters, who flushed the entire contents of the 10 volume Collected Blog Postings of Great Republicans down the bloghole last night.

The custodial staff, frustrated by these pranks, immediately resigned and are now reported to be searching for different work.

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