Thursday, September 30, 2004


Aftermath, Before English

Maybe we can put him back together in time for the debates.

No. Not without, you know…

Well, let’s get him. He’s available.

If Rove was here…

Rove is in Bilboa. Last transmission was garbled, but there was something about not getting enough heirs. Or that he was an heir in Bilboa.


Yes, he said he was having trouble getting heirs. Or that he was in an heir.

Odd. Why would he worry about that? He’s got heirs.

Dunno. But look, we’ve got a situation, here. We can’t even tell which limbs belong to which. We have to call, you know… whether Rove is here or not.

OK, do it. I’ll collect all the body parts and begin sorting them out.

It’s Dr. Hephaestos, right?

Right. But don’t ever, ever, mention that name aloud again. Ever.

Right. Sorry. Where did that damned goat-thing go, anyway?

Took off—headed toward Tierra del Fuego, apparently. The Marines are on it, but they say he appears to be immortal.

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