Friday, January 21, 2005


Another Controversial Firing at Sufi U

Faculty Up In Arms, Discuss Sanctions Against President

Sufi circles buzzed today at the news that Dr. Spiriti Sanctiblogger, chaplain mullah and a tenured associate professor in the Department of Advanced Smegmatics at Sufi University, had been fired.

President Bernardus J. Wockle, who was behind the firing, cited "religious differences."

"This is the last straw," Whaling Mullah Dorset K. Baber declaimed to this reporter from the hammock in his office. "Wockle has been pushing the boundaries of Sufi love and tolerance for years now, but this time he's gone too far."

President Wockle has long championed an "all is one and one is all so what the hell" doctrine. Many Sufis consider this position lax and weak-minded. Dr. Sanctiblogger was one of President Wockle's most relentless critics.

"Spirry never tired of exposing the flagrant contradictions in Wockle's views," Mullah Baber explained. "And now, of course, his firing has exposed the greatest contradiction of all: to defend his antihierarchical views, President Wockle has wielded his hierarchical powers. That's like raping someone who challenges your celibacy policy!"

President Wockle, asked about these charges, only smiles.

"Jesus Christ," he chuckles, "can't anybody around here take a joke?"

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