Friday, October 15, 2004


Faithless Hermector Sign-Up

Yes, um, I wanted to sign up to be a Faithless Hermector in the November 2 Presidential Hermection. Do I do that here?

Yes you do, sir. You've found us.

What do I do?

Have you been faithless before, sir?

I've cheated on my wife plenty of times.

That isn't going to be enough, sir.

I've cheated on the girlfriends I was cheating on my wife with.

Interesting. What about party affiliations?

I don't follow.

You and your wife are registered--

Oh, I get you. We're both registered Democrats. But I've cheated on my wife exclusively with Republicans. And once I cheated on a girlfriend with a WWJD skinhead.

Male or female, sir?


Perfect. I'm sure you're a viable candidate for the College, sir! If you'll just walk down this hall to my left and knock on the door labeled BUG FARM, someone inside will take your information and put you on the list.

Thank you.

You're quite welcome, sir. Next in line?

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