Monday, September 06, 2004


Mullah Billdoug's Address Book Turns Up

Hey Mo! Look, what's that?

What's what, Jeeze?


What, you dumb fuck?

Don't call me a dumb fuck, you dumb fuck. I'm the Son of God.

No you ain't. You're His Prophet, like me.

Are you saying Yahweh ain't my dad? He'll smite you for that.

No, I'm saying Yahweh ain't god. My guy Allah is.

Oh, you really are looking for a knuckle sandwich, aren't you, you turd.

No, but you are, and I'm just the fella to give it to you.

Oh yeah?

Yeah. I'll hit you so hard, when I'm through with you there'll be hundreds of miles between your west and your east. Your left hand won't have the foggiest idea what your right is doing.

Oh, you think you can take me, you punk?

With one arm tied behind my back.

Yeah, well, I don't feel like fighting with you now. I want to get that thing.

What thing?

That thing! That thing down there in the storm grate!

Oh, you mean that address book? Why didn't you say so?

I did say so, numbnuts! What, you think it's an address book?

What else could it be?

I don't know. I can't see it very good from up here.

I guess you don't got x-ray vision, huh?

Shut up!

I guess you need glasses, you pencilneck egghead Jew boy.

I'll pound you!

Later. Let's find a long stick. A rake, maybe. Who's got a rake?

I know where there's one. Cardinal Newman's garage.

Yeah! I hate that old guy. Let's go borrow it!

You're on.

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