Tuesday, August 31, 2004


News from the Future

Mulla Billdoug sends his greetings to all his gentle readers in August 2004 from the distant future, hoping that all is well with you in what for you is the present and for him is ancient history.

No luck finding Bill Kaul's killer. Yet. The search continues up hill and down dale in the great rocking sine waves of time, cresting into yet greener futures.

The Mullah is happy to report while the search proceeds, however, that the future is full of surprises. For example, contrary to popular belief, all food is eaten in pill form. All cars do fly, piloted by robots. And Chuck DeNomolos is the situp champion of the 26th century.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the intrepid Mullah passed the Christian heaven eons since, spotted his old friend Bill Kaul in line, and waved a little, in a cosinish sort of way, but had no hope that Bill (whose hair had grown prodigiously, and seemed to cover his entire face) could see him. He has every hope to swing by the Muslim heaven any eyeblink now.

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