Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Odor from Chaos

Where are we?

In the beginning, I think. Nothingness.

I got it! Say something.

I thought I was.

No, I mean, out loud.

How? It’s impossible in here. Down here. Up here. Whatever.

Ow! Hey! What’d ya hit me for, asshole?

I heard that. Wow, look.

It’s a planet. A big marble.


I dunno. It’s awfully dark and void.

Let’s go down there. I think I see water, and I’m thirsty.

Is this water?

Dunno. It’s too dark.

Wish there was some light. Hey! Whaddya know? Where’d that light come from?

Dunno. A big light bulb when you said that? Mighty accommodating. But look, over there. It’s still dark. Almost like, almost like—

The light was divided from the darkness by some kind of, well, divider. Like a dressing curtain.

More like a foam cubicle. So, what’s this?

It’s water. But it’s all over. It’s like, spilling into the darkness and the light.

What we need here is a firmament.

Another divider?

Sure, why not? Divide the water from the water.

Why does all of this sound familiar?

It sounds familiar to you?

Yeah, kind of. Like I heard of someone doing this before.

I don’t know. It all just seemed like the thing to do at the time to me.

What's next?

It'd be nice to stand someplace that isn't wet. And what are we going to call all this stuff?

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