Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Is-y Bodies

There’s something wrong with the transcripts of the inaugural speech, dammit.

What? I don’t see anything.

Look at this. Where I put in “…we have a place, all of us, in a long story—a story we continue, but whose end we will not see,” it now reads “an end we will see over and over again.”

So? That speech is over. Archived. Forget about it.

I’m just saying. All of the notness has been removed from the speech. Look here. Where I put in “…and though our nation has sometimes halted, and sometimes delayed, we must follow no other course,” it now says "we can follow any course we damn well please, meandering like a stream across the hills.”

All the notness is gone?


Printer error. Someone over at publications screwing around. Don’t worry about it. The official text is fine.

They’re all like this.

All of them?

Yep. It’s as if, well, someone was creating a new heaven and earth in the text. Replacing notness with isness.

Odd you should say that.


“Isness.” We got a phone call on the secure line this morning. Caller claimed to be a CIA rhetorician.

Yeah, and—?

Said the latest buzz they’re picking up in secure rhetoric circles is the slogan “The Business of America is Isness.”


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