Friday, February 11, 2005


The Antisemantotron

Ha, The poor saps have taken the bait. Soon, they will be completely wrapped in my Antisemantotron. Everything will be meaningless. The literary and print archives of the world will be mine to control, to warp and whack as I please. No anthology will be safe! Bwaa-haaha-haha! No speech will be safe, unless they bow down to me!

Who are you talking to?

The universe, stupid. That’s what we do.


I can tell you aren’t certified.


Stop asking questions based on snippets of what I say.


Or I’ll fucking KISS you!


Arrrgghh! I meant, “kill.” I will KISS you. Shit.

What’s going on there?

You mean “here.” There.

Uh-oh. Why is this crow hopping around the room with a live cockroach on its head?

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