Wednesday, January 26, 2005


A Dodge for the Sacred Blogger

What, are you crazy? A concert for the inmates? What do you think this is, Cook County Jail? You’re just supposed to convert them, not hype a concert to them.

But that’s the beauty part, see? A Jesus and Mohammed concert would convert them. When they sing that duet After 9-11, We’re All Christians Now, they’ll come down the aisle in droves to accept Jesus.

I don’t know. You’re risking your neural integrity going out into the Ding-an-sich—the grounds of the ground of groundlessness—to try and get them, you know.

Well, certainly I’d be lost without them.

Yeah, like our latest torture technique. We pixellate ‘em, and then send them to grotesque and pornographic websites where we can photoshop ‘em. Heh, heh.

Right, whatever. So, is it a deal? I get them, and we can have a show? Then, when they all convert I get to leave?

Leave? Oh, I don’t know about that. One thing at a time. Okay, go get them.

Sure, Sanctiblogger thought, I’ll get them. And then you think I’m coming back here? Ha.

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