Monday, September 06, 2004


Typical Address Book Entry

Olivia Dunktert, 43, nurse's aide. Likes reading erotica, eating Mediterranean foods, and teaching her parakeet to quote Cardinal Newman. 354 W. Falmouth, Passaquak, MA, 07631. 765-0987. No Xmas card. Good to take to movies, but annoying horsey laugh. UPDATE: Killed in accident, 4/7/03, crashed her 1960 VW into Mediterranean restaurant while listening to Christian Coalition of America tapes and touching herself. Drowned in vat of couscous after ejecting from vehicle. Appealing death to Board of Karmic Adjusters. Currently waitress in Internet cafe, "Quimby's," 5784 W. Golden Mean, Heaven. No phone. olive4@houyhnhmm.hvn. Willing to participate in forbidden experiment.

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