Friday, September 03, 2004


The Truth is in There

It’s me again. Bill. I’m going to turn the corpse back on its face. Gotta check the nape of the neck like they taught me at the academy.

Those eyes are what tipped me off. It was pretty clear I was dealing with a deader in a Jesus suit. Probably one of those suits that comes with the Realistic Gliding Action, too, not a cheap job. And… yep. There it is. The hidden zipper. But what’s inside? I better be careful. Whatever’s inside might not be dead. And it could be one of those dervish goats I been reading about, or a grand inquisitor, or even one of those Cheney clones, out to get revenge. Slow and easy, that’s what this calls for. Could even be Falwell. Somebody might have tipped him off that I was looking for him and so he put on a Jesus suit and hid in a church. Slow and easy. That’s the ticket.

Besides, what’s the rush? Not like anybody I know is in there.

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