Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Meanwhile, Back at the Mudhole ...

Oh, they were determined, weren't they? Determined I wouldn't be raptured, couldn't float. Determined I wouldn't solve this case. Wouldn't find them behind the forbidden experiment, expose them, rescue Jesus from his dad, score another ten points for the Sufis, all before five, and end up in bed with Isis and a bellyful of Chef Pharaoh's cooking by ten. Ha. I'll show them.

God-damn, this is the most mud I've ever been in. Good thing I don't have to breathe, since I'm already dead, or I'd be screwed. And, y'know, this mud smells funny. Not like regular rapture mud.

It's more like ... w-why, this isn't mud at all. This is shit. This is blog shit. This is the stuff that comes out of the ass of a blog! And I'm encased in it as it hardens.

Must think. What dissolves blogshit? What did the janitorial staff use at Sufi U when the virtual bathrooms got all fouled with blogshit?

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