Friday, September 03, 2004


And Now a Word from One of Our Sponsors ...

Tired of seeing the same old punching bag hanging in the back of your throat every morning in the mirror when you scream? Tired of seeing the same old uvula in your partner’s throat when they yell at you about your drinking?

Be tired no more. Try Elmer’s Natural Uvula Enhancer. In just three simple steps, you can make that tired old red uvula more perky, more alive and more colorful than you’ve ever seen it. Comes in three flavors, and fits all sizes of uvula. All natural, no paints or preservatives.

Wow! Look at that uvula now. The fluorescent polka dots just light up the room! Thanks, Elmer’s! Remember, for natural it’s Elmer's Natural Uvula Enhancer! Visit TODAY! Ask for a FREE sample. Tell 'em Mullah Billdoug sent you.

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